Before he gained power, the current American President, Donald Trump had sent about a hundred tweets against environment protectors and even called climate change a hoax. After gaining power, he has recklessly upended many environmental protections and unleashed many regulatory rollbacks. If you want to know how the US President is denying us all a better environment, just read on, and you’ll understand what is Trump’s position towards the environment.

Transportation Emissions

Donald Trump is promoting less efficient cars which means people need to spend more money at the gas stations, tolerate more air pollution and increase the carbon emissions. As carbon dioxide emissions are the largest source of human-made pollution in the US, Trump needs to control it, but he is plainly not doing so.

Promoting Pollution from Plants

Trump has also dismantled Obama’s Clean Power Plan which has led to a rise in pollution from gas and coal power plants. The increased levels of pollution from these sources could mean 90,000 child asthma attacks in a year and 1,400 premature deaths in a year.

No Stoppage of Greenhouse Gas Leaks

The President has also failed to keep a tight leash on greenhouse gas emissions by killing regulations that force operators to work towards reducing the leaks. Things have turned so bad that methane leaks from gas and oil operators are now among the top sources of industrial greenhouse-gas emissions. Trump has also offered 500 percent acres of public land for gas and oil leasing.

No Attention to Water Pollution

Trump also doesn’t care about water pollution because a few days into the White House, he repealed the law that made mine companies accountable for polluting the waterways when mountaintops are blown away to mine coal.

It is quite clear that the current President has no respect for protecting the environment and ensure the health and well-being of future generations.