Caring for the general population and making sure that they live a healthy and comfortable life doesn’t seem to be on President Trump’s goal list. If you want to know what is Trump’s position towards healthcare, then you should read on to know some key aspects of the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2019.

The Cuts

As part of the proposed budget, Trump suggested the following cuts:

  • Medicaid was supposed to cut about 104 trillion USD during the course of the next decade.
  • The Affordable Care Act was canceled, and it may lead to cuts to health coverage that may amount to 675 billion USD over 10 years.
  • The administration of vital human services and health programs may be impacted as 20 percent cuts were suggested in this arena as well.
  • Trump has also targeted family planning, Medicare and many other health programs by suggesting drastic cuts.

The Inaction

Though the President has opposed constantly rising prescription drugs costs, the proposals put forward by him in this regard are not nearly enough to combat this constantly rising problem. Stricter actions need to be taken to put a leash on drug companies that are setting and increasing the prices of necessary drugs according to their wishes.

Inability to Control the Opioid Crisis

The Trump government has done nothing substantial or appreciation worthy to control the rising opioid crisis. In fact, the cuts proposed in Medicaid can make the situation worse as people who get addicted won’t get the treatment they need and deserve.

Not a Healthy America

The cuts proposed in the budget and the indifference shown by President Trump has made it clear that high quality and affordable health coverage might soon be a dream for an average American family, a situation we should all be saddened about.