Education and a rightly educated workforce are necessary for all economies of the world. The United States of America is no different. If you live in the US or you plan to move here, and you are wondering what is Trump’s position towards education then the answers are mentioned right here.

The Budget

According to the 2019 fiscal plan shared by the Trump government, there was a proposal to reduce the budget of the Education Department by over 5 percent. The school climate grant program was reduced to USD 43 billion from 67.5 billion. Last year also, Trump proposed reducing the Education Department’s funding by USD 9.2 billion but the Congress ignored the requests.

The Boosts

As per Trump’s 2019 spending plan, USD 1 billion is supposed to be invested in opportunity grants. USD 200 million in grants are also reserved for math, science, engineering and technology programs. This is a boost for STEM education.

Thoughts on Education

Trump’s budget said that quality education doesn’t necessarily mean more funds, it is achieved when students have the tools they require to get success and parents get a say in choosing their kids’ K-12 schools.

Eliminating 39 Programs

The 2019 fiscal plan was supposed to eliminate 39 programs because the Trump administration believed that these programs were either duplicate or were ineffective or were more likely to be deftly managed by the state or local governments. Out of the 39 programs, 29 were to be outrightly eliminated.


It is quite clear that though President Trump believes that he is supporting education and helping the younger generations, the budget cuts proposed by him are quite unnecessary. One would think that if Trump wants to strengthen the education system, he would think of giving more financial freedom to authorities rather than snatching the existing ones.