Is Trumpcare Still Dead


What is Trump’s position towards pornography?

Donald Trump has said and done many outrageous, untruthful and outlandish things. Both as a candidate and President of the United States. But perhaps none has been more hypocritical than his stance on pornography. Before he became President, he made an announcement about porn. He said that if elected, he would do all he could to crack down on porno. Instantly, anti-porn groups such as Enough is Enough jumped on the Trump bandwagon. They began praising him for finally standing up to the porn industry.

The POTUS known for Tweeting all day, is also married to Melania Trump who is a former model. There are several nude images of Melania that can be found online. They were taken when she was younger and was not the first lady. Nonetheless, these naked images of her are available for anyone to see. The same for all the erotic and nude images and videos of Stormy and Karen McDougal. All of which are now very sought after and viewed, due to Trump. It makes the entire thing rather incongruous, ironic and humorous. Sure, he’s a President who wants to curtail pornography. But he is probably a huge reason why there are so many people searching for some type of it now in the first place.

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